Suhayl Omar, a community organizer, journalist and student, founded Mutual Aid Kenya, together with Wevyn Muganda, to provide aid to vulnerable people, who are not properly assisted by government systems.

Virtual event hosted by the Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth, the Special Advisor on UN75 and Digital Cooperation and the UN Major Group for Children and Youth

This event aims at convening a discussion with digital natives on the topic, and promote the need to be constructive and hopeful during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, to channel young people’s spirit, creativity and innovation towards a solution-oriented conversation. In particular, we want to convene a dynamic and interactive program to address the role young people must play in advancing digital cooperation for the Sustainable Development Agenda, especially in times of crisis and uncertainty.


24 April, 2020

11:00am-12:00pm (ET)

"Young People's Role in Driving Digital Trends during Uncertain Times"

Virtual panel hosted on Microsoft Teams

#CopingWithCOVID Webinar Series

A webinar series on young people and mental health

This series is hosted by the Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth, in partnership with WHO and UNICEF - to help young people coping with COVID-19 take care of their mental health.


1 April, 2020

(First Session)

With the participation of 1,025 young people from 139 countries worldwide, reaching the maximum capacity of the platform within the first 6 minutes of streaming and totaling more than 2500 attempts to connect.

Watch the recorded video of the session »


15 April, 2020

(Second Session)

This session concentrates on self-care to support mental health. This is hosted on a new platform allowing for more participants (with a maximum of 10,000), more interaction, and the integration of real-time closed captioning (CART).

Watch the recorded video of the session »


Learn about #COVID19

Joint Instagram Live with Neil Walsh, Head of UNODC’s global cybercrime programme to discuss the heightened risks of falling victim of cybercrime during the application of social distancing measures.

Joint Instagram Live

The Compact for Young People in Humanitarian Action published a hub for youth-friendly information on COVID-19 and resources that may help practitioners in the field best consider young people and adolescents in their responses to this pandemic.

This was created by 60+ partners committed to place young people front and center of the response to the global COVID-19 pandemic - as rightsholders and equal partners at the frontline.

Read guidance notes and the latest updates »

Youth-friendly resources

Launch of the Youth Envoy’s first video message on Weibo, tailored to COVID-19

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